Standard Rebate Program – Legacy Customers Only

Pre-qualified standard rebates are designed for commercial customers served under KCP&L's Small General Service rate (SGS). Rebates are available for a variety of common energy savings technologies for both new construction and retrofit. The specific categories, rebate levels and performance levels are outlined by end use below. Efficiency measures that do not qualify under the Standard Rebate Program may be submitted to the Custom Rebate Program.


Whether in new construction or major renovation, fluorescent linear lighting dominates the commercial lighting market, particularly in offices, schools and some retail applications. The four foot 32 watt T8 lamp combined with an electronic ballast has essentially become standard practice. Rebates are available for specifying lamps and ballasts that exceed the performance levels of the standard T8 lamp system. Additionally, rebates are offered for reducing lighting power density below the maximum thresholds specified by energy codes.

Existing lighting systems can be eligible for rebates by replacing with new fixtures that exceed current standard practice. The existing market for fluorescent lamps is a mixture of T8 lamps and older T12 lamps. The replacement of these older systems can provide energy savings but requires replacement of both lamps and ballasts. The following rebates are available for early replacement of lamps and ballasts in existing systems.

High Performance T8 fixtures - High Performance T8 (or " Super T8 " ) lighting is an option that can be used to retrofit or replace T12 and standard T8 lighting in existing facilities, or can be used instead of standard T8 lighting in new facilities. High Performance T8 fixtures must meet specifications set by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency [CEE] including, but not limited to, the following:

Rebates are as follows :

Standard T8 fixtures - Replace or retrofit existing T12 fixtures with standard T8 technology. Both lamps and ballasts must be replaced to be eligible. Fixture replacement and retrofit can both qualify for this rebate.

Rebates are as follows :

Lighting Power Density - For common building types where the above prescriptive lighting options do not apply, a prescriptive rebate may be available based on Lighting Power Density.The overall lighting power must be reduced by at least 25% below the requirements of the local energy code or ASHRAE Std. 90.1

Rebates are as follows :

High Intensity Fluorescent - High Intensity Fluorescent lighting is designed to replace high intensity discharge [HID] fixtures in high bay and other applications such as gymnasiums, warehouses, and parking lots.These fixtures must have the following characteristics:

  • use T5 or T5HO lamps with electronic ballasts
  • use at least 4 lamps per fixture
  • the fixture must be at least 75% efficient

Rebates are as follows :

  • $50 per fixture

Pulse Start Metal Halide - for HID applications, rebates are available for lamp and ballast replacements in typical 400 watt high bay applications. The lamp must be rated as pulse start with a pulse start ballast. Lamp wattage must be either 320 or 360 watts as a replacement for 400 watt metal halide or high pressure sodium.

Rebates are as follows :

  • $50 per fixture

Lighting Controls - rebates are available for occupancy sensors, either switch replacements or remote/ceiling mounted that use ultrasonic or passive infrared technology. Dual technology sensors are also eligible. Rebates for switch replacement sensors are limited to small rooms less that 250 sq.ft.

Rebates are as follows :
  • $20 for switch replacement sensors
  • $50 for ceiling/remote mounted sensors

Air Conditioning

Rebates are available for exceeding the minimum performance requirements of local energy codes [or ASHRAE Std. 90.1] for unitary packaged and split system air conditioners typically found in small commercial applications. The performance levels required vary by type and size but are consistent with the high efficiency standards set forth by CEE.

  Type and Size Minimum Performance Rebate
Single Phase Split Systems < 5.4 tons 14.5 SEER $92 per ton
Single Phase Package Systems < 5.4 tons 14.0 SEER $92 per ton
Three Phase Unitary or Split Systems < 5.4 tons 14.0 SEER $92 per ton
Unitary or Split Systems > 5.4 tons and <= 11 tons 11.5 EER $73 per ton
Unitary or Split Systems > 11 tons and <= 20 tons 11.5 EER $79 per ton
Unitary or Split Systems > 20 tons and <= 30 tons 10.5 EER $79 per ton


Rebates are available for installing motors that exceed minimum performance requirements of local energy codes [or ASHRAE Std. 90.1] for typical applications of three phase Design A and Design B motors. Rebates are available for both Open Drip Proof [ODP] and Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled [TEFC] motor types. Motor efficiency must meet or exceed that which is classified as NEMA Premium. These performance levels are provided in the table below.

  Motor Size [HP] ODP TEFC Incentive ($/Motor)
NEMA Nominal Efficiency
1 85.5% 85.5% $50
1.5 86.5% 86.5% $50
2 86.5% 86.5% $60
3 89.5% 89.5% $60
5 89.5% 89.5% $60
7.5 91.0% 91.7% $90
10 91.7% 91.7% $100
15 93.0% 92.4% $115
20 93.0% 93.0% $125
25 93.6% 93.6% $130

Rebates are limited to the most common motor speed, 1800 rpm [nominal]. Larger motors or other motor speeds may be eligible under the Custom Rebate Program.

Any efficiency measure not contained in this list may be submitted to the Custom Rebate Program.

For all measures, must submit equipment specification sheets or model numbers with application and project equipment inventory.


You can apply on-line by clicking here, and review the following forms for program details:
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