KCP&L Business Energy Efficiency Rebates

KCP&L offers energy efficiency programs to meet the needs of our business customers. These programs provide a means to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency, concepts that are key components to operating successful businesses. Through these programs, KCP&L incentives help to lower the cost of identifying and purchasing energy-efficient equipment for use in your facilities.

Examples of technologies and equipment that may be eligible for rebates include high efficiency lighting, air conditioning, heating systems, motors, refrigeration, energy managements systems, and just about anything else that uses electricity!



2014 Program Changes for Missouri Customers

KCP&L offers two, separate Business Energy Efficiency programs for Missouri customers. Program eligibility is based upon the KCP&L service territory in which your facility resides and your rate schedule code. Enter your KCP&L account number to display and be directed to the KCP&L Business Rebate program available in your service area. You can also determine your program eligibility by locating your rate code, a five digit, alpha-numeric code, on your KCP&L statement. An example of a statement showing the rate schedule code can be found here.

Customers whose rate schedule codes are 1xxxx (1LGSE, 1MGSE, etc.) are eligible for the KCP&L-MO Rebates. This program, approved by the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act (MEEIA) will take effect on July 6, 2014 for customers in this service area. This new program expands the list of standard rebates and raises the project customer rebate cap to $250,000 for all service classes. The new program is closely aligned with the current GMO Rebate program now being offered in Greater Missouri Operations (GMO) service area.

Customers whose rate schedule code is MOxxx (MO720, MO940, etc.) are eligible for the Greater Missouri Operations (GMO) Rebates. This program is a continuation of the MEEIA program that began on January 27, 2013. No program changes have been made for 2014.

(In general, KCP&L-MO program customers are located in the greater Kansas City area and GMO program eligible customers are located in Liberty-north, Blue Springs, Lees Summit-east, Grandview, and Belton-south. Please note, these are general delineations and you should look at your KCP&L statement for rate schedule confirmation).

For more information regarding program changes, visit the frequently asked questions page or review the specific programs below.

KCP&L-MO Rebates

Greater Missouri Operations (GMO) Rebates

All of KCP&L Energy Efficiency Programs for Businesses are designed to add value - not time or complexity.
You can apply on-line by clicking here, and review the following forms for program details:
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